Application & General
Arcuslive is a SaaS based HIS and EMR product, a simple yet powerful platform with functionalities ranging from simpler workflows like patient administration to advanced clinical information systems. Depending on the package chosen by the user, the system covers end to end functionalities needed to run a General practice, specialties, day care and multi specialty hospitals. Please click here for more information.
On-premises software requires greater investments upfront, in terms of maintenance, upgrades, support fees and license fees. However, with SaaS software, you can avoid the hardware, license and maintenance fee. You just have to pay a subscription fee on a monthly/ yearly basis.
Arcuslive supports the common administrative and clinical workflows. Depending on the extent of the implementation and usage, you may or may not have to use paper based processes.
Please click here to navigate to the product features page on our website. For further details you can also visit the help section in the application.
Please refer to a few case studies on our website.
The performance of the application depends on speed of the internet.
Yes, part time users will be considered as licensed users and can be provided with a separate login with only required permissions.
Arcuslive is deployed in the cloud with 99.98% high availability.
Commerce & Puchase
In addition to the PC, Printer and other essentials, the user needs to have an internet connection to setup and start using the software.
Yes, after signing up the user will be directed to the 'Test site', which pre-populated with dummy data to simulate a live user experience. This option will be free for 14 days where the user can experiment, assess and evaluate the product before signing up for subscription.
The EMR functionality comes along with the standard package available. Specialty EMR will be available in the specialty package of arcuslive.
Customizations are not supported in the Arcuslive cloud environment. However, we are open to feedback from you.
Arcuslive will always contain the latest version of the application.The 'What's New?' section in the customer portal will contain details on the latest enhancements of the application.
All new upgrades can be viewed from the 'What's New' section in the application. Information about the latest product upgrades will be sent to the registered email IDs.
Please refer to the terms and conditions of Arcuslive here
Your subscription comes with a certain number of user licenses. Any additional licenses can be subscribed to on demand.
Your subscription comes with a certain number of user licenses. Any additional licenses can be subscribed to on demand.
Additional users will cost 15$ per user.
No a physical signature would not be required, the terms and agreements are available at the time of sign up and can be read by the user and agreed to.
Your subscription comes with a certain number of user licenses. Any additional licenses can be subscribed to on demand.
Plans and Subscriptions
Standard reports will be available for all plans. Additional reports can be developed by us based on your request as a paid professional service.
Yes, the option for adding more users is available for the Daycare and Small Hospitals plan. More users can be added after the trial period at the time of go live.
Please refer to the plans and products page here.
Customers can cancel the subscription from the my subscriptions option within the application.
Post sign up, the user will be offered with a 14 day trial period. After the trial period, active subscriptions will be charged based on the plan. An invoice (monthly/Yearly) will be generated on the date the subscription turns active.
There is no notice period required to cancel your subscription. You can either cancel the subscription immediately or on the next renewal.
In the case of cancellation, if the subscription is fully paid in advance refunds will be processed for the remaining months, excluding the current month.
We offer payment through Cards (debit, credit & perpaid), Paypal, Amazon pay, direct debit, offline and other channels.
The frequency of payment can be monthly or yearly.
We charge using the pay per user model. Our standard plans are limited to the number of users listed in the pricing page Additional user licences need to be purchased, see more information here.
You can track your subscriptions from the my subscriptions tab in the application. In the my subscriptions page, you can view/update account details, subscriptions (upgrade/downgrade plans and addons), card details, billing address, past payments, subscription details, shipping address (if present) and cancel your subscription.
Operations & Management
Arcuslive can be readily accessed from the cloud. The user can go through the guided steps in the customer portal to setup the clinic and processes.
The processor can be I3 or above with 4GB RAM and above.
The disaster recovery will be handled by us through our deployment architecture using DR sites.
If your internet service is down Arcuslive cannot be accessed. Along with having a contracted ISP, we also advice the users to have back up internet options (Example: dongle, phone tethering etc.).
We recommend a minimum of 5 MBPS internet speed. With 5 MBPS internet connectivity, all the screens will refresh with less than one second response time.
The device is platform agnostic and can be accessed from your tablet along with android, iOS or windows.
Arcuslive does not support bespoke interfaces. Please contact our sales or support for more information.
Arcuslive is built with multi tenancy at the core of its architecture.
Sharing of patient data requires consent from patient, hence you can login to your respective clinics and view the patient data.
Support & Training
Post registration, we provide access to FAQs, training videos and documentation detailed out at a functionality level as part of self training. We also provide paid training services, where a personal trainer will get in touch with you remotely and provide personalized training as per the requirement.
Kindly click here to navigate to the support page, for support related information.
No, all the resources needed to help you out with the setup and training can be accessed through the customer portal for free. We also have paid installation and setup as part of our professional services, where our implementation specialist will be able to help you out by accessing your application remotely.
Data & Information
Arcuslive is hosted on AWS cloud servers distributed across multiple geographies.
All the data is backed up automatically in the cloud. Manual data back up services are chargeable and will be provided upon raising a support request. This type of service might be needed when data needs to be moved to a separate instance.
If your internet is disconnected, you will not be able to access the application. Any transient data might be lost.
You can take the help of our paid professional services. Please raise a support ticket.
Arcuslive is hosted on AWS cloud servers distributed across multiple geographies.